Samt Krawattennadel Etui | FU-14


Verfügbarkeit: In großer Menge verfügbar

Symbol: FU-14

Verfügbare Farben: Rot, Grün, Dunkelblau, Bordeaux, Schwarz, Cremefarben, Weiß

Größe: 77 x 60 x 32 mm

Pad: Samtkissen mit Schnitt


Kleiner Karton: 24 Stck.

Großer Karton: 288 Stck.


Samt Krawattennadel Etui FU-14 is an elegant case perfect for cufflinks, tie clips or pins. The box also works great for jewellery, such as engagement rings. Thanks to it relatively large size it can fit multiple pins or clips at once. The products are exposed elegantly, and the velvet pillow grants them much needed stability and safety. The high quality flock makes sure that the box is nice to touch. We can make an imprint on the packaging or inside it.

FU-14 case is one of your multipurpose boxes – it works great with different products, ranging from jewellery, metalcasts and more. Please contact us to learn more about our boxes –  we will be able to advise you in case of uncertainity.

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Verfügbare Farben

Rot, Grün, Dunkelblau, Schwarz, Bordeaux, Cremefarben, Weiß


77 x 60 x 32 mm


Manschettenknopfe, Krawatennadeln, Pins


Samtkissen mit Schnitt

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Samt Krawattennadel Etui | FU-14